Asil Barkın Elik

Software Engineer

Passionate software engineer who has graduated from Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Asil Elik

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  • ICterra
    Sep 2015 - Present

    Position: Software Engineer
    Keywords: WebRTC, Javascript, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Git, MongoDB, C/C++, Qt, Clearcase, Embedded Development, Modular Software Development, SIP & HFA Servers, WebRTC Media Servers, Frontend Development, Backend Development, RTC, Agile Methodology, Scrum
    Projects that I have involved:

    • Unify - Devices
    •     I'm currently working on this project. Project is creating a new line of office phones which will improve Unify's OpenStage phones. Project involves both sustaining old codebase and creating new features around it. Project involves two UI states which are Qt and much more primitive state which is called PEG. Codebase is pure C / C++.

    • POINT - API for WebRTC Communication
    •     My duty was maintaining newly created JavaScript API and writing a test application for it. API is using RabbitMQ for notifying different services, MongoDB for consistency between services, REST and socket for notifying the endpoint. API is capable of handling chat service, audio and video calls, and conferencing. Test application is based on ExpressJS. It uses PassportJS and MongoDB for authentication.

  • Ericsson Ankara
    Aug 2014 - Jul 2015

    Position: Integration Engineer (Part-Time)
    Keywords: Reporting, Big Data Analysis, Data Mining, Splunk, SPL, Elastic Search, Hadoop, CDR Management, Shell Scripting, UNIX, Python, WSDL, JavaScript, REST, IPTV
    Projects that I have involved:

    • Turk Telekom - Tivibu
    •     Data mining part was my object in this project. We have been using Splunk to achieve our main goal. In addition to them, I have created a python script that will be triggerred by Splunk and notify customer site.

    • Turk Telekom - Mediation
    •     I have worked in the final phase of the project which was involving handover and sustaining process. System was handling CDR files which are coming from radio station, categorizing them and sending them to required location such as billing or record service.

  • Aselsan
    Jun 2014 - July 2014

    Position: Software Engineer (Internship)
    Keywords: C#, Visual Studio, HP Vee, Network Analyzers, Hardware Automation, Hybrid Modules, Radar Systems, GPIB, S2P
    Projects that I have involved:

    • Network Analyzer to PC - File Transfer
    •     In Aselsan, copying a test file from Network Analyzer to PC was very hard. You need to take flash drive from responsible officer( there was only one flash drive ), copy the file from network analyzer to flash drive, connect it to your pc, then copy the file into pc and give back flash drive to responsible officer in order to enable someone else to use it. My main object in this internship was creating a software that will communicate through GPIB( there were no USB option ), transfer files byte by byte from distinct location in Network Analyzer to some other distinct location in PC.

    • Network Analyzer Tester
    •     There was a new network analyzer that Aselsan might use in its facility. My object was to create an application for testing new network analyzer so that we can compare it with the old ones. I have used both Agilent(now Keysight) and Anritsu's documentation to create it.

    • Module Tester
    •     Newly created modules needed testing environment. For this requirement, I have created an application for these modules which will handle them regardless of mdoule type. Work model of application was sending various signal to module and observing its behaviour at the output. These modules were being used at radar systems.

  • Ericsson Istanbul
    Jun 2013 - Sep 2013

    Position: Integration Engineer (Internship)
    Keywords: Cloud Computing, Mobile Application Development, Localization, Ruby, Rails, Java
    Project that I have involved:

    • Turkcell Akilli Depo
    •     The team and I have customized the application according to customer's needs. We have controlled the translation files. I have attended weekly stand up meetings.


  • Middle East Technical University
    Sep 2009 - Jun 2015

    B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    High honour student in Fall 2009 term
    Honour student in Spring 2010 term
    GPA: 2,67 / 4,00
    Postgraduate Education Entrance Exam: 97,4 / 100 ( 81th in Turkey )
    Foreign Language Exam: 90 / 100 ( Level A )

    Courses that I take:

    Projects that I have done:

    • Engineering Design I - II
      • Box Dragging RobotOct 2014 - Jun 2015
      •     Designing an autonomous robot, which is connected to a companion robot via bluetooth, which places disoriented and labeled boxes into a narrow path with the help of and in collaboration with its companion

    • Analog Electronics Laboratory Project
      • AM Receiver with Envelope DetectorFall 2014
      •     Improving AM Receiver by adding envelop detector to the device with the use of multiple analog filters

    • Electronic Circuits Laboratory Project
      • Wireless Power TransmissionSpring 2013
      •     Designing and simulating Wireless mobile phone charger system

      • MultiTouch ScreenFall 2011
      •     Simulating and implementing MultiTouch screen with photoresistors

  • Kastamonu Science High School
    Sep 2005 - Jun 2009

    GPA: 89,93 / 100
    University Entrance Exam: The second best degree in the province

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Middle East Technical University
Ankara / Turkey

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0312 292 5000